Window 1, Indigo Bunting 0

This time of year, the birds are busy doing their mating and baby-raising activities.  There are a lot of predators out too.  I’ve increased the amount of seed I put out, to help the hectic parents with feeding the little ones. 

Mostly, its redwings, quail, mourning doves, and English sparrows at the feeders, but a couple of weeks ago the indigo buntings and redpolls showed up.   As far as birds that are blue, we do get a few cerulean warblers passing through in June, but they’re usually here and gone in a week or two.  And of course there are bluebirds, but not where I live.  I’d never seen an indigo bunting before this year.  I had to look them up in my bird book. So small and so BLUE!  I kept my camera on the dining room table, trying to get a good shot, but it wasn’t easy. 

 There was a HUGE bang against the front window yesterday—even the dogs jumped up. Birds hit the windows on a regular basis, but only rarely does anybody get hurt, so I didn’t think anything of it.  But this morning, when I came back from walking the dogs, I glimpsed a flash of peacock blue, and realized instantly what it was.  My heart squeezed for the beautiful bird that lay on the ground below the window.  It had been killed instantly.  Even in death, the glorious colors are magnificent. 

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