Wild Blue Yonder

I’m off to bluer skies and (hopefully) clearer air of St. George, Utah today.  I’m attending a week-long  Novel Rewriting Workshop being taught by David Farland (of Runelords fame).  I’m bringing the FATE manuscript to work/rework/rewrite, in the hopes that I can figure out why it isn’t attracting the right attention, and if possible, fix it. 

I’m a little worried about leaving the girls at the kennel right now.  My darling ancient corgi, Quilly, passed away very recently, and the house doesn’t feel the same.  At first, the other two dogs seemed delighted to have her gone, but in recent days, the stress is beginning to show.  I had to take Mia to the vet for a hot spot on Thursday, and Rowan peed(!) on two(!) of the dog beds yesterday.  Queen Quilly would never have tolerated THAT sort of behavior.   We all miss her.   

Since I expect to do a lot of writing here this week, I finally purchased a laptop, and this is my first blog entry on my brand-new Mac.  I’m sitting in my room at the hotel, over looking the pool.  The sun is setting and I guess it’s about time to stroll over to Chuck-O-Rama.  I’ll let you know how the workshop goes.  
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