Welcome to my Blog – Sharon Joss is born

Yes, you’ve come to the right place, and I’m officially opening my new blog to the public.  Look around, and let me know what you think.  If you’re interested, feel free to join.  For now, I expect I’ll be updating it daily, but I expect that will settle down to once or twice a week. 

Who is Sharon Joss you ask?  Why have you changed your name?

It is my pen name, the name under which I will publish my upcoming best sellers.  You know my last name is impossible to spell or pronounce correctly, and I wanted people to be able to find me and remember me as a writer.  

A couple of people have suggested that my real name is fine; that plenty of successful authors have names that are hard to spell and/or difficult to pronounce.  I agree with them.  However, since I’m already published and known in the high-tech industry, I don’t want my writing persona to conflict or interfere with someone who may be looking at my resume or searching for me in a professional capacity.  I’m still alive and well, with all the same phone and email. 

Sharon Joss email is   sharonjoss.author@gmail.com

Wish me luck

Love & licks,
Sharon Roest

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4 Responses to Welcome to my Blog – Sharon Joss is born

  1. Yeah! Welcome to the blogoshpere Sharon, I mean Pandora!

    Adding your blog to my RSS Reader.

  2. Ooooh, love the pen name and your blog layout. And I’m a real sucker for dogs. Yours are adorable!

    I’d love to see a tid-bit or two on your Awesome Manuscript. I expect Pandora Swift to be on the bestseller’s list real soon ;-))

  3. Don says:

    Only 30 rejections on the first book?

    I’ll see your 30 and raise you to 42–and counting.

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