Two Dog Night

lightningba45848ed222The night sky over Portland was a very busy place last night.  We had a real whiz-banger of a lightning storm; my first since moving to Oregon.

When I lived in Boise, it was pretty common to have violent thunderstorms this time of year, and my Australian Shepherd, Rowan, has always been petrified by the sound of thunder.

But last night, although the lightning was nearly constant, the thunder did not shake the house quite like it did in Idaho.  Maybe it’s because of the lower altitude here, or maybe it was because the heavy rains drowned out some of the noise.  Rowan didn’t cry or tremble, but both dogs decided they would be better off on the bed. I didn’t mind.  So for a good 30-40 minutes, we snuggled up together, and watched the fireworks light up the place.


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