The Inordinate Joy of Organizing 6 Boxes of Books

I would not say I have too many books.  Rather, I prefer to day I do not have enough shelves for my books.  In my old house, I had plenty of storage space, and I kept most of my books on open bookshelves neatly hidden out of view.  While there is much to appreciate about the new place, storage is not a strong suit.  Thus, most of my books have remained unpacked, more than four months after my move.  At least until yesterday, when the bookcases I ordered from the unfinished furniture store were finally delivered (huzzah!). 

Bibliophiles and writers can relate, I think, to the joy of unpacking box after box of books and arranging them neatly onto clean and freshly painted shelves.  One bookcase is now completely dedicated to my ‘to read’ stack (which, until yesterday, I hadn’t realized was quite so big); the other is dedicated to writing craft and research books.  They look so nice in their new home!  My office looks so professional!  Ahhh…pure bliss.
The old bookcase has been moved out of my office and into the spare bedroom which has been renamed the reading room, because it’s filled with all the fiction books I’ve already read.  And as much as I am thrilled to have managed to unpack 6 boxes of books, there are still two more boxes which remain unpacked.  Maybe I need just one more bookcase…

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