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Writing Contests.
There are still a few days left to get your entry submitted to the L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future contest.  Deadline for this quarter is September 30th.   There are cash prizes awarded for the top three winners ($1000, $750, and $500, respectively) every quarter, as well as a $5000 cash prize for the winning story of the year.  
I like this contest because it’s designed for as-yet unpublished (or only minimally published) authors in the genres of science fiction and fantasy.  Past winners and finalists have gone on to become recognized authors of the books I love to read.  Diana Rowland, Ken Scholes, Jay Lake, Ken Liu, Patrick Rothfuss, and Ken Rand, to name a few. 
Oh, and it’s free to enter.  Whaddaya waiting for?
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