Omens of the Solstice: A True Story

Seeing as it was only sixteen degrees outside at six o’clock this morning, I wasn’t planning to take the dogs out quite so early, but I’ve been feeling pretty optimistic about things lately and I was wide awake, so I bundled up and the dogs and I headed out into the frigid dark.  As we headed down the block, I remembered that today is the winter solstice.  In ancient times, this was the first day of the New Year.  It got me thinking about 2012 and what might be coming into my life in the New Year. 


When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a huge falling star, bright and dazzling across the skies.  How cool is that?  Funny thing; every time there’s a meteor shower, I never see a thing, but here this blazing ball came out of nowhere.  It’s got to be an auspicious sign for 2012, right?  I made a belated wish about making it to the New York Times Bestsellers list and the girls and I proceeded on our chilly way. 
By this time, I was ready and looking for any sign to back up the star thing.  A few blocks later, an owl hooted repeatedly at us from the roof of a nearby house.  Another omen!  The owl has always been a symbol of wisdom and the harbinger of messages. 
And since (in my world, at least), omens come in threes, I received a sacred image from one of my dearest friends in California this very afternoon.   Although I have recently embraced the vegetarian lifestyle, I have no doubt that the image he sent me also adds to the symbolism of what has got to be a splendid 2012 in the making.
The Bacon Nativity
I have consulted the Tarot and my brand-new 2012 horoscope  for the meaning of said omens.  I have come to the conclusion that these powerful symbols can only mean that in 2012, my star is rising, that my wonderful future agent is going to call, and bacon isn’t really meat, so I shouldn’t worry about eating it. 
Happy Solstice. 
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