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Yay!  I’ve started writing the first scene of my new WIP.  For now, the working title is GLAMOUR, largely because it’s short and non-specific, yet ties in to the story.    I am thrilled and excited to finally be starting! I’ve spent this last month researching my locale, my characters and their histories, developing the voice of my protagonist, and figuring out my POV.  I’d planned to use third person, but my protagonist didn’t like that, so I’ve had to switch back to first person, something I’ve sworn I’d never do again, but if that’s the voice that works, what’s a writer to do?  Most of the Urban Fantasies out there are written in first person, and this one is also a mystery, so I’m not going to worry to much about it at this point. 

Because of the research and outlining I did before I started, I’ve been living (and dreaming of) the location for weeks now.  Last week, I started the character interviews, so I know most of my characters pretty well.  I’ve also got notes for at least 30 scenes, and I know (kinda sorta) what is going to happen and when / where it will take place.  Having said that, the opening scene has already deviated from my original plan, but that’s the great thing about having an outline: I’m not spending my time trying to figure out what happens or where it happens, because I’ve already got the map.   As long as I mosey along in the right general direction, I think I’ll be fine.

I don’t know exactly what the story will look like when I’m finished, but I’m planning on 120K words for the first draft, and can’t wait to see how the monster turns out!  


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  1. Exciting! I’ve been working on an entirely new WIP as well (11,000 words so far and counting…) Are you participating in NaNoWriMo this year. I think I’m gonna give it a whirl ;-))

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