Edit Shmedit… Now I get it!

I’m finishing up the new new edit of the Fate manuscript, feeling very good about myself.  I like it.  It’s better.  Stronger.  I’ve added two new subplots, and some twists that (I think) are fun and more interesting.  I’ve rewritten the opening (several times) and completely changed the ending.  It’s not the same manuscript, and I’ve got to say, I’m pretty proud of the changes I made this week.  I plan to engage a professional editor for a second opinion, and we’ll see if I’m on the right track. 
However, I still need to rewrite my synopsis.  I came to this conclusion at the writing workshop, after two professionals  told me that my synopsis flowed well, and the third told me I didn’t have enough happening in my story.  I came to realize that my synopsis didn’t capture all of the key points in my story properly.  It doesn’t matter how well my synopsis reads, if it cannot convey the story elements and plot complications for agents and publishers.  The light bulb went on. 
I guess it’s always something.  Now that I know I have a good query, and (I think) a better story to go with it, but I still need a killer synopsis.  I get it!  Back to work…
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