I took a 2-day writing class this week;  Dave Farland’s Write That Novel workshop.  He’s an award-winning, NY Times best-selling author, and has written  more than 50 science fiction and fantasy books.  Not only that, but he’s taught writing at BYU.  I’ve taken many writing seminars over the years, but learning from a guy with that kind of credentials (in my genre) who can also teach is a real blessing.  I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I’d already internalized some of the things he’d told us, and on the other hand, chagrined that there is still so much more I need to learn.
I think that’s one of the great things about choosing to become a writer after you’ve already had a career doing something else.  I’ve forgotten how cool it is to feel that light bulb go on in my head. It’s like figuring out how to tie your shoe.  You think, ‘Doh, why didn’t I figure this out earlier?
 Some of the things he talked about took me to a whole new level; like how the motion picture industry views story, and how resonance is echoed in dozens of elements in each scene of every blockbuster movie (right down to the sound effects!).  I was particularly fascinated by some of the stories he told about how he researched and created his story worlds; in one case, where he held a video camera at ‘mouse level’ to help him gain a first-hand understanding of a mouse character’s world.
I came away from the class energized, full of ideas, humbled, and at the same time feeling more optimistic about the opportunities for success in my chosen career path.  Just what I needed.  
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