Baby Love

I wasn’t the only new arrival to Oregon two weeks ago.  On the same day the movers delivered my furniture, Rose-Tu, an Asian elephant at the Portland Zoo delivered her 300-lb baby, which was quickly christened “Lily”.  Like the rest of the residents in my new state, I am absolutely smitten with darling Lily. 

Every night, the local newscast flashes new pictures and video of this active(!) little spitfire girl.  I know I’ve seen baby elephants on television before, but to my mind, Lily is absolutely captivating. Her ‘aaawww’ factor is off the charts.  I can’t wait to get the rest of my boxes unpacked and head off to the zoo too see this new little pachyderm  in person.  She’s already got her own Blog; and I hear there are long lines to see her, but I don’t care.  I haven’t been to the Portland Zoo yet, and I can’t think of a better way / place to start acquainting myself with my new city.

What’s new at your zoo?

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