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Living the Dream(land)

I’m in the middle of my first round of major revisions for GLAMOUR, and I find myself living in my character’s head(s): inhabiting their houses, going to their bars, dining on their, um prey.  Only in my dreams, of course, … Continue reading

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It’s Alive…

Yay!  I’ve started writing the first scene of my new WIP.  For now, the working title is GLAMOUR, largely because it’s short and non-specific, yet ties in to the story.    I am thrilled and excited to finally be starting! I’ve … Continue reading

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I am a Writer

Of course, the very best thing about a writing workshop is the writing.  And learning.  And reconnecting with friends.  And meeting new friends.  And reading.  And adding new books and authors to my evergreen ‘must read’ list.  And the critique … Continue reading

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Reactions: Natural or Supernatural?

I think there’s a special challenge in showing character reactions in scenes that include both humans and supernatural (or paranormal) characters.  The author must decide if the reactions and emotions of the non-human (or partially human) characters mirror those of … Continue reading

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Getting Started – First Words

It’s a dreak and dreary day, as they say in Scotland.  Unfortunately, this is Boise.  Dreak and dreary for us means a winter inversion.  It makes everybody grumpy, even this little sharp-shinned hawk that has perched on my feeder.  For some people … Continue reading

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